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“Litz Resort” - a five start hotel- is located near Batumi, Adjara, on the top of Kvariati Village, 370 m (nearly 1200 ft) above sea level.

A 16 story building is organically merged to the mountain landscape, with only the modern Svani tower noticeable from far away. By the way, the name Litz comes from the Svani word meaning water and is reflecting the biggest challenge during the construction: water being everywhere and nowhere.

Located on the edge of the mountain, the hotel gives a marvelous 360° view of the sea shore from Rize (Turkey) to Batumi, and depending on weather the magnificent Caucasian mountains are visible.

The hotel is located very close to the main route of bird’s seasonal migration, which makes it a perfect place for birdwatching.

Infinity Pool

It is placed on the terrace of the 5th floor. It has a semi-circular shape and is filled with salt water up to the edges of the pool, which creates the illusion of its unity with the sea.

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